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Alumaset Series

National Signage Affiliates has recently introduced two brand new sign systems, theAlumaSet© Series and the CS© Series. Perfect for medical or commercial facilities, the AlumaSet© Series and the CS© Series are crafted using extruded frames in a natural anodized aluminum or bronze duranodic finish and clean non-glare polycarbonate or acrylic lenses. Both ADA compliant, these sign systems will provide a sleek, contemporary look for your project

Sign Type A - Common Area Identification Sign
Sign Type B - Information Type Signs
Sign Type C - Directional Sign
Sign Type D - Legacy Room Number Tags
Sign Type E - Regulatory Message Signs
Sign Type F - Flag Mounted Restroom Signs
Sign Type G - Wall Mounted Restroom Sign
Sign Type H - Egress Map Sign
Sign Type I - Stair Well Identification Sign
Sign Type J -Evacuation Map Signs
Sign Type K - Ceiling Signs